Rick Martin

Although we've all tried to move past the dismal results of 2008, especially its closing months, there are some comparatively promising results buried in the clouds that could brighten up retailers' businesses this year.
Let's first take a look at retail holiday sales.

It is now an overwhelmingly common practice for shoppers to research products online before buying them in a store. How common? The National Retail Federation reports that more than 90 percent of consumers research a product online prior to making a purchase in a store. Moreover, 92.5 percent of adults said they regularly or occasionally research products online before buying them in a store, according to BIGresearch.

The online product tour provider SellPoint announced Monday that it has named George Giatzis its new vice president of sales. A 25-year veteran of advertising sales, Giatzis comes to SellPoint from a position as vice president of advertising sales for Ecast, and previously worked for Discovery Communications, Oxygen Media and Premier Retail Networks.

Web research firm eMarketer estimated that online research drove $471 billion in in-store sales during 2007. These days, the majority of shoppers turn to the Internet first when researching product and service purchases. It’s during this early phase of product research that consumers will often form their opinions about both products and dealers. Your company’s online image and information is critical in attracting and winning new business for your complete package of products and services. Your most important online real estate is your product page, the point where most shoppers will enter your site through their product searches. The difference between an engaging

For decades, merchants and manufacturers have collaborated to engage and entice shoppers with compelling stories of product features and benefits. From packaging and point-of-sale signage to sales training days and end cap placements, retailers and their vendors have worked together to refine the art of merchandising products to drive sales. Shopper behavior has fundamentally and forever changed. With the overwhelming popularity of online social networking and ubiquitous online video, it’s no surprise that most shoppers, particularly in the high disposable income demographic segments so important to merchants, are looking online first to research products and form their purchase decision. And they are expecting the

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