Rick Mathies

The conversion of the digital revolution with the 12-volt market has not always been pretty or profitable. Add rising gas prices and the decline in new cars sales to the mix and you have some custom installers wondering if the glory days will ever return. Maybe not, but there are plenty opportunities for those prepared to embrace new digital technologies, maximize their sales, promote their stores and expertise, forge new partnerships and adapt to changing consumer expectations. The numbers point to the opportunities: almost 40 percent of all drivers want to buy and install an in-vehicle CE product over the next year, according to

Transshipped At A Cost The resale of products at wholesale is pervasive, but some are bolstering efforts to keep it in check. By Janet Pinkerton This scenario may sound familiar: A fulfillment house legitimately purchases 4,000 camcorders directly from a vendor at a good price, taking delivery over six months time for a premium rewards program. But at the program's end there are 100 left over in inventory and so the fulfillment house turns around and sells off the remaining camcorders at wholesale "on the streets" to other retailers. It's called transshipping, and it's an all-to-common practice at all levels of retail that few

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