Rick Rommel

On the line at the CEA Line Shows Eureka Park Challenge was a spot at international CES and $5000 cash for the first place winner.

Nine excellent finalists took the stage in front of the panel of judges, who were venture capitalist John Backus, Best Buy's Rick Rommel, Livio Radio's Jake Sigal, and Engadget's Dana Wollman. Geek Beat TV's Cali Lewis hosted the event.

BUSINESS is a field not of theory but of practice. The central intellectual inquiry of the science of management is simply this: What works?

That, it seems, is the best way to examine the steady rise in the practice of innovation management. A search of the database of the professional networking site LinkedIn found that more than 700 people listed their current job title as “chief innovation officer” and that nearly 25,000 had the word “innovation” in their job title.

New smart-grid initiatives will lead to incremental retail sales.

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