Rick Segel

We receive a lot of comments about advice we offer, one recently in response to a suggestion of mine telling dealers they should always try to negotiate. “Negotiate everything,” I said. But apparently I hit a tender spot when readers wrote in that I shouldn’t be spreading such advice because customers will also keep trying to negotiate. I can assure you that my advice is shared by many and customers will always try to reduce the price, but the key word here is “try.” Shopping to many has become a sport. Getting the great buy, particularly when you can negotiate a better price, can

This month, Dealerscope thought this sales column from retail expert Rick Segel applies well to the world of warranties, as extended services are part of the most difficult stage of the sales process—closing the sale. Someone came up to me after a recent speech and asked me how much training I had as a speaker. It was one of those special days where I was hitting on every point and the audience was right with me from start to finish, so I was flattered with the question. My response surprised her and took me on a journey that I had never expected to travel. I said, “I really haven’t

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