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David Thomas, CEO at Evident, is an accomplished cybersecurity entrepreneur. He has a history of introducing innovative technologies, establishing them in the market, and driving growth – with each early-stage company emerging as the market leader.

It may not have been the most poetic moment ever realized, but one day, while enjoying a slice of pizza, Rob Elliot had an epiphany. Owner of a car stereo retailer, working 80 hours a week just to get by, Elliot told himself that either he was wrong, or everyone else was. By everyone else, he meant all of the people outside of his industry who had offered him advice on how to run his business; people he had brushed off because he thought that they just didn’t get it. So after that catalytic slice, Elliot headed straight for a bookstore where he purchased a

The 2007 International CES saw the In Car Experts (ICE) buying group convening both an advisory board meeting as well as a retailer party. On January 7, the group held their Retailer Advisory Board meeting/dinner. The board met with ICE board of directors member and Director of (Australian buying group) Car Audio Master Michael Stephens and discussed the Australian mobile electronics market. January 9 saw the group throwing its first independent retailer party at the Hard Rock Hotel Pool. Over 350 attended, including the Worldwide Managing Director General Manager of Pioneer Mobile Entertainment Business Group, Akira Haeno. Awards were handed

Mobile electronics buying group In Car Experts, Inc. (ICE) recently announced a strategic marketing alliance with Metra Electronics. The mobile audio provider will become a preferred vendor partner of ICE. Says ICE Executive Director Rob Elliot, “For years Metra has been a standard among installers. They continue to produce products that overcome the physical challenges of installing aftermarket equipment into vehicles. Metra’s Strategic Marketing Alliance with ICE further illustrates their unwaivering commitment to building installer solutions for the independent retailer.”

In Car Experts announced a strategic marketing alliance with AAMP of America on Friday. AAMP, offering the Stinger, Peripheral and SoundQuest product lines, will become a preferred vendor partner of the buying group. Says Rob Elliot, ICE executive director, “ICE is proud to have a partnership with a vendor that has supported the independent retailer for such a long time. It is very clear why AAMP continues to win awards for customer service.”

Buying Group for Mobile Electronics Launches In Car Experts (ICE) announces its launch, claiming to be the first buying group dedicated to mobile electronics. In addition to enhanced vendor programs, ICE will focus on retailing best practices, vendor relations, national consumer marketing programs, installation and sales practices. ICE hopes to be of further use to its members via, which will allow for real time communication and information exchange. Although other attempts have been made to create a buying group for this market, none have been successful. ICE is composed of, in part, Executive Director Rob Elliot, founder of Sound Waves;

JL Audio has become a preferred vendor partner of In Car Experts Inc. Says ICE executive director Rob Elliot, “Being committed to the success of the independent retailer is an ICE key element and JL Audio has repeatedly llustrated that commitment.” Added ICE director of vendor relations David Schwartz, “ICE’s ability to instantly communicate our member’s needs directly to JL Audio management will solidify JL Audio as an excellent vendor partner.”

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