Rob Frankel

My first job in this industry was as my husband’s partner when we bought the company in September 1989. I was a professional model from 16 to 35, but I continued my education in marketing and public relations and advertising. My third grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson, taught me that being smart was a very important and valuable thing to be as a little girl. I’ve kept that my whole life. A lot of things can inspire you, but for someone to recognize your intelligence and ability, that sets your direction in life. Whether it’s with an employee or a dealer or anyone you’re dealing with

Customers can buy the same products you sell from dozens of other local and national retailers and on the Internet. So, why would they buy from you? In his book, Why Should Someone Do Business With You…Rather Than Someone Else?, Sam Geist first explored the importance of analyzing the drivers that lead customers to choose one dealer over others. You may be making a huge mistake if you aren’t continually trying to find out why consumers do—and do not—buy from you. Buyers ask the question hundreds of times in the course of making a major purchase. Look at the places you frequent—your favorite stores or restaurants.

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