Rob Yoegel

By Rob Yoegel Whether you're directly or indirectly involved in your company's Web site, there is a myriad of products out there touting themselves as the next greatest innovation. Sift through them and rising above the surface is a product line from Adobe, which continues to help people like yourself "express information and ideas more effectively," whether it's electronically or in print. From fonts for desktop publishers, applications geared to the digital artist or Web site design tools, Adobe's product line aims to help you do your job better. One of the most promising offerings is Adobe's Acrobat suite of products. Acrobat is centered around the Portable Document

By Rob Yoegel During a recent trip to the neighborhood book store, I came across a favorite section--the discount table. There, resting so comfortably, like an Internet Explorer icon on a Windows desktop, was Bill Gates' November 1996 book, The Road Ahead. The asking price? A paltry $2.95, including accompanying CD-ROM with an outdated Web browser. That same week, wire services and major metropolitan newspapers featured stories and photographs of Bill Gates and Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale at a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing discussing Microsoft's alleged monopoly of the browser market. Sandwiched between the two--lucky him--was Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy. As Microsoft and Netscape battle

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