Robert Dean

Value Added Services and Brigadoon Software have jointly announced that Brigadoon’s PC Home and Mac Phone Home software will now be included in VAS’ kit solutions for electronics retailers. “The partnership brings additional value to our tangible kit solutions,” Value Added Services President and co-founder Robert Dean said in a statement. “Our retail clients are continuously looking to us to bring exciting new offers to the table which help add true value to their extended warranty program.” The Phone Home system works by sending a stealth signal containing the exact whereabouts of a stolen or lost laptop to the owner’s pre-determined e-mail

Value Added Services “Easier Said Than Done” In today’s competitive marketplace, retailers are in a constant race to be the first to market with the latest product or accessory, merchandise strategy, or service offering. From the Geek Squad to Techknowledgists, retailers are looking for ways to enhance the buying experience and profits by wrapping services around the product purchase. Whether it is as simple as a delivery and setup of a home network or as complex as a home theater installation and integration, in this age of technology convergence it is a requirement to provide “extended services” to make the sale complete

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