Robert Gunst

U.S. Listing for the consumer Electronics and Major Appliance trade In this section, Dealerscope profiles the top 10 retail demographic market areas, reporting on 1999 retail entrances and exits, regional economic highlights and outlooks for 2000. 1. New York City Entrances & Exits: When Circuit City opened its first store in New York City in 1998, it proved to other national chains that the big rent of the big city is quickly compensated by the big spenders in the big city. Consequently, the Big Apple in the last year saw even more megastore openings. Office Depot opened its first Manhattan store—a 21,000-sq.-ft .store

By Janet Pinkerton Change is ruling our industry, driven by market forces of which the Internet is only a part. • Last month, Robert Gunst resigned as president and CEO of the good guys!, effective June 30, after a retooling of the store's format failed to bring the chain into profitability. Meanwhile, Best Buy named the former head of the on-line grocery shopping company Peapod as its president of its new e-commerce division. It's an end of one era, beginning of another. • At our editorial deadline, a Dealerscope staffer, fresh from the Professional Audio Video Retailing Association meeting in Marco Island, Fla., reported witnessing much wailing and

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