Robert L. Borchardt

Two industry heads talk about the technologies and trends that promise to breathe new life into the mobile electronics market Edited by David Dritsas Recoton Chairman and Board Chairman of the Electronics Industries Association (EIA) Robert L. Borchardt recently spoke with John Shalam, chairman and CEO of Audiovox Corp., about the burgeoning technologies shaking up the mobile electronics market. BOB BORCHARDT: If you take a look at what's going on in the car, obviously it bodes well for the industry, probably for the next decade. Do you agree? JOHN SHALAM: I do. Some of the latest technological developments, including new products, such as

Two industry insiders-turned-politicos on how the technology industry can better work with government Edited by Janet Pinkerton Recoton Chairman Robert L. Borchardt, mid-way through his first year as the board chairman of the Electronic Industries Association, recently spoke with Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA, 48th District), founder of Directed Electronics about improving government's relationship with the technology industry. BOB BORCHARDT: We're dealing with a lot of important issues with our industry today. Darrell, how much government is necessary? CONGRESSMAN DARRELL ISSA: In some cases, we already have too much government. But there are areas in which government has a role to play: high-speed Internet

By Robert L. Borchardt President and CEO Recoton Corporation Yes, there will be a holiday season despite the changes in our personal and business lives as a result of the N.Y. World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania disasters. All of us had our eyes glued to television sets watching the changing world unfold and then as we went back to work, we listened to the news on our car and office radios. Despite the tragic events, we foresee that consumers and the consumer electronics industry will enjoy major benefits. Sales of television receivers in the weeks following the disaster hit record

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