Robert Madonna

Savant Systems announced Tuesday that it has named William J. Lynch its new chief executive officer. Lynch is the former top executive of Barnes and Noble.

The antitrust lawsuit filed by Savant against Crestron last fall will go forward after a judge denied a motion to dismiss, Savant said Thursday.

Savant Systems LLC is suing Crestron Electronics, Inc., claiming Crestron has violated antitrust laws. Savant, which develops home automation solutions, filed a lawsuit against Crestron, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, alleging that the large supplier has violated antitrust laws including the Sherman and Clayton Acts, the Lanham Act, and state unfair competition laws.

Lawsuit claims Crestron threatened and financially penalized dealers for using Savant, and wrote 'outright lies' in its documents about the company.

The complaint charges Crestron with violations of antitrust laws, including the Sherman and Clayton Acts, as well as violations of the Lanham Act and state unfair competition laws.

Savant’s complaint alleges that Crestron has unlawfully sought to exclude Savant from the network of dealers who purchase programmable controllers for residential and commercial automation, particularly high-end home automation

Savant founder Robert Madonna began his 10-city nationwide blitz of demos of the Apple iPad running Savant’s just-launched device-specific app at the company’s New York City Experience Center, saying, “I’m ecstatic about what it will do for our company and our industry.”

Savant Systems said tuesday that the company's founder, Robert Madonna, will tour the country next month to show the company's special control application for the new Apple iPad.

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