Robert Perry

Panasonic Consumer Electronics Co. on Monday announced that it has promoted Robert Perry to the position of executive vice president. In the new role, Perry will supervise the company's sales, marketing and product merchandising, and will report to company president Shiro Kitajima.

Dealerscope: In this economic climate, what are the bright spots for the A/V community? Perry: Interestingly enough, historically speaking, when the economy starts to slow down and consumers start changing their behavior, one of the behaviors they don’t change is how many televisions they purchase. When consumers are in a crunch—and today consumers are very concerned about gas prices—they tend to drive less. Instead of traveling away, they’re staying closer to home. And what we’re seeing is that consumers are still buying TVs and they’re buying them almost at exactly the same rate. For some consumers whose budgets are a little tighter, they may

LG, Sharp Announce LCD Prices Following suit with what is one of the sharpest trends in 2006, LG and Sharp announce that overproduction and cost reductions will cause LCD prices to fall by 20 to 30 percent by 2007. At the IFA Consumer Electronics show in Berlin, head of global marketing for LG’s display division Young Chan Kim told reporters, “Last year we saw about 30 percent of price reductions for plasma and a little bit more for LCD. Next year, in 2007, we expect about the same.” Sharp President Katsuhiko Machido placed the number closer to 20 percent in an interview with Reuters, adding,

People in the industry The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced a slew of elections to its board and its product divisions. Tom Callahan, president of Sawyers Control Systems, a home electronics integration company, became CEA's TechHome Division Chair and a member of the CEA Executive Board. Callahan is the first non-manufacturer elected to the CEA Executive Board. Other new CEA Executive Board members include Mike O'Neal, chair of CEA's Accessories Division and president and CEO of Gemini Industries; Gary Warzin, chair of CEA's Audio Division and president of Audiophile Systems; and Peter Fannon, chair of CEA's Video Division and vice president of technology policy and regulatory

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