Ron Goldberg

Given the pressures facing both manufacturers and retailers in today’s CE environment, the search is on for solutions that maximize sales and strengthen margins, without taking on significant expense or overhead. The future of these revenue enhancements will be services, although they may not resemble the services that today’s customers are routinely offered.

After 25 Years Monster Cable Re-Injects Romance into A/V Sales By Ron Goldberg It's no secret that Monster Cable deserves credit for basically inventing an entire product category. Most of today's consumers can't remember the days when they'd have to buy a spool of zip cord along with their speakers, or when it was the manufacturer's responsibility to supply all the interconnects for a new receiver. Now in its silver anniversary year of business, the company intends to take its mantra of brand value and dedicated sales training and extend it to the next level, which in the mind of Head Monster Noel Lee,

How J&R Music and Computer World prepared for the unimaginable to happen and persevered when it did By Ron Goldberg There's no question that the September 11 events have affected, and will affect, the CE industry everywhere. But nowhere has the impact been more closely felt than at venerable New York retailer J&R Music and Computer World. Located just one block away from the World Trade Center and widely considered a New York institution in its own right, J&R's story of perseverance in the wake of tragedy directly parallels the spirit of the city it's so closely identified with. The story of

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