Ross Rubin

The past decade has now seen at least three industry-wide technologies vie for the future of television -- HD, 3D and now 4K or UHD. The first of these -- HD -- represented a massive change for television that affected nearly every aspect of the TV experience from how it was captured to how it was consumed. A decade later, it is nearly impossible to purchase a TV that does not support high-definition. The second -- 3D -- was a mixed bag. While the technology became commonplace on high-end TVs

In the tablet world, Apple reigns. And until the Android platform becomes more user-friendly and ubiquitous, it appears the landscape in this sect of this industry will remain unchanged. These were just some of the view expressed in the recent CEA Line Shows panel, Tabula Rosa: Tablets and apps.

The iPhone now makes up 14 percent of the United States mobile phone market, making Apple the third-largest manufacturer outranking HTC, Motorola and Research In Motion, according to an NPD Group study.� The NPD Group found that Apple’s share grew thanks to Verizon Wireless selling the company’s iPhone device. Apple is behind Samsung at 23 percent and LG at 18 percent.� “The availability of the iPhone on Verizon enabled Apple to increase its market share, although Android is still dominant with half the market,” said Ross Rubin, executive director of industry analysis at NPD, New York. All about Apple

Research In Motion unveiled a new BlackBerry aimed at wooing consumers away from Apple's iPhone and other rivals, but analysts said the handset won't blow away the competition.

Even though the main features of the BlackBerry Torch, including a touchscreen and slideout keyboard, were well-known within the industry, investors registered their disappointment, driving RIM's Toronto-listed shares down 4 percent.

The present and future state of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), i.e. television content delivered via the Web, was the focus of “IPTV: This Program Brought to You by the Internet”, a panel discussion held June 22 at CEA Line Shows in New York.

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