Rupert Stadler

I am going to pat our team on the back.  I originally called that Rupert Stadler probably had something else up his sleeve for the Audi Keynote at CES rather than the talked-about Android collaboration.  And I was right.  Raj Koothropali must have had a few drinks in him because he discussed the merits of the NVIDIA and Audi partnership with a Big Bang.

The Consumer Electronics Association said Tuesday that Rupert Stadler, Audi AG's chairman, will deliver a keynote address at International CES in January. Sadler will speak Monday, Jan. 6, at 8:30 p.m. at The  Cosmopolitan’s Chelsea Theater, a first-time venue for a CES keynote.

Not a Car, but a Computer on Wheels

Nowadays everywhere you go you can hear the phrase "anytime, anywhere, smartly." It refers to smartphones, which are eliminating the boundaries of mobile phones, promoting collaboration between various industries. Already these kinds of products are being introduced in areas such as cars, medicine, and home appliances. The person who made the keynote address at the world's biggest appliance show last January, CES Las Vegas, was none other than Rupert Stadler, the CEO of Audi AG.

Ford Motor Co. President and CEO Alan Mulally will again deliver a keynote address at International CES in January, CEA announced Thursday. Mulally, who also spoke the last two years at CES, will be one of two auto execs keynoting the event; Audi's Rupert Stadler was announced as a keynoter earlier in the week.

Rupert Stadler, the chairman of the board of Audi AG, will deliver a keynote address at January's International CES. Stadler takes the "auto executive" slot in the CES keynote lineup filled in the past two years by the CEOs of General Motors and Ford.

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