Russ Crupnick

“High definition [discs] are a truly superior product, but the launch was slow. The packaged media side is about two years behind HDTV. We need to educate the consumer that HD is so much better than upconverting their DVD’s. It was easier to contrast DVD with VHS and there were better reasons for people to ditch VHS, so a huge job in education is needed....A billion DVD’s have sold in the U.S. Only a million next generation DVD’s have sold at best. But we’re just beginning.” - Russ Crupnick, Entertainment Industry Analyst, NPD Group

When Russ Crupnick, an entertainment industry analyst for the NPD Group, saw recent figures on customer desire for next generation DVD technology, he was shocked. “Fewer than 10 percent of DVD buyers intend to purchase an HD player in the next six months,” says Crupnick. “This is a startling low figure!” Crupnick, speaking at a forum about the current market for HD products and content, says one of the reasons for the lack of buy-in isn’t the Blu Ray/HD-DVD format war, but the fact that many consumers still believe upconverting DVD’s is the same as a high definition viewing experience. “You can’t sell

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