Sam Donaldson

RadioShack Suffers Gains and Losses In the end, the summer was no vacation for RadioShack, while the company appoints James Gooch as executive vice president and chief financial officer, an executive who’s experience includes management roles in such corporations as Kmart, Sears Holdings, Helene Curtis and The Quaker Oats Company, the company loses COO Claire Babrowski when she announces her departure. Babrowski stepped up to temporarily act as president and CEO, after Dave Edmondson resigned following a controversy over false credentials on his education background months earlier. And later in the month, RadioShack divulges plans to reduce its workforce by anywhere from 400 to

The temperature at noontime on the streets of Manhattan this week was clocked by a local TV crew at a scorching 120 degrees (something Sam Donaldson might have referred to as “hotter than a Loredo parking lot”), and that gave the marketers at Haier company headquarters in Manhattan, an idea. Employees at the Chinese-based manufacturer, known in the U.S. for its refrigerators and air conditioners, printed up some no-fuss NY-style flyers and duct-taped them directly to the walls of their usually pristine landmark bank fortress at 36th and Broadway. “Liquidation Sale!...Air Conditioners...Starting at $70...Cash or Credit” the signs read in part. This scrappy hustle comes during

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