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Tweeter Home Entertainment Group announced Jeffrey Stone, the company's president and CEO, will be leaving to become president and CEO of Tivoli Audio, a consumer electronics manufacturer (makers of the Henry Kloss Model One radio) in which Tweeter owns a 25 percent equity stake. "I have loved leading this company over the past 15 years," Stone says. " I feel very fortunate to have been at the helm during a period of tremendous growth for Tweeter and want to thank all Tweeter associates, past and present, for their many contributions." Tweeter's board of directors has named Joe McGuire, the company's CFO, to serve as

Hall of Fame Jeffrey Stone President and CEO, Tweeter Home Entertainment Group By Joe Paone It's hard to get Jeff Stone to brag about his accomplishments, because he won't. He even balked initially at accepting our Hall of Fame honor. Stone does not reek of false modesty, mind you. He's quite proud of his accomplishments; he just doesn't feel quite right shouting about them. Jeff Stone is a family man, and in his own words, a dedicated "operations guy". The words he imparts are not the flamboyant, hyperbolic ones of a grand visionary; rather, they are the pragmatic ones of a hard-working craftsman who

CEO and President Kenneth R. Weller of Good Guys stepped in as chairman of the company's board of directors when Ronald A. Unkefer retired as chairman and as a board member. Unkefer remains the company's largest individual shareholder. Unkefer returned to Good Guys in 1999 to lead the retailer's turn around and brought 11-year Good Guys veteran Weller back into the fold after a seven year stint at Best Buy. Former Senior Vice President of Services for Best Buy Lowell Peters is now chairman of Partsearch's Advisory Board. Peters has been a services industry professional for more than 34 years, including 20 years

The partnership of Henry Kloss and Tom DeVesto By David Dritsas We hear about partnerships all of the time in this industry. Everyday it seems that one company is forming a "strategic relationship" with another. Cultivating them is not only an effective way to improve business, but also sometimes the only way to stay alive. Even so, partnerships are not easy to start or maintain. Egos and opinions can often get in the way. Such could have been the case with Tom DeVesto and Henry Kloss. One is a shrewd entrepreneur, the other is an audio/video engineering pioneer; each very different from the

By Markkus Rovito There are two kinds of coffee drinkers in the world: the kind that settles for a large coffee with cream from Dunkin' Donuts and the kind that insists on an iced mocha latte from Starbucks. "The big box guys are like Dunkin' Donuts; we're like Starbucks," said Noah Herschman, vice president of marketing for Tweeter Home Entertainment Group. "Starbucks is for people who are serious and passionate about coffee. We want to be the store for people who are passionate about not only consumer electronics, but also movies, music and sports, which is what you use consumer electronics for." Tweeter's

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