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What’s different about audio in the “ought” decade? And what is the same as in the past? Polk Audio founder Matthew Polk riffed on these very subjects during Dealerscope’s recent visit to Polk’s headquarters in Baltimore. CONSUMERS’ PAST RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR AUDIO/MUSIC/ENTERTAINMENT: “Entertainment devices were fewer and far simpler in the early days. The transistor radio was what really gave people the power of access to their music. In the ’70s and ’80s, TV and all the various video sources began proliferating, and that was the beginning of radio being an accessory. The ’90s was not a particularly good decade for new audio technologies. And

Even CE dealers can learn from a non-industry retail store like Whole Foods Elly Valas Senior Consultant Guerrilla Group You know the drill. You say, "Where do you want to have dinner?" Your friend says, "I don't know. What kind of food do you feel like?" You answer, "I haven't had sushi in a while," and your friend responds, "I really feel like barbeque tonight." My friend Sandy and I just had that exchange until I finally came up with the perfect solution—the grocery store! Not just any grocery store, but the newest Whole Foods Market that just opened in Denver. At more

How to risk it all, several times, and win-win By Janet Pinkerton For Best Buy founder Richard M. Schulze, risk is life—carefully gauged and addressed head-on, always with an eye towards diversifying future options. In the mid 1960s, the head of North America's largest electronics retailer was a sales representative working for his father in the era of 30-day manufacturer contracts, a rep who wanted into retailing. "It was really driven by my own desire to take control of my own destiny," Schulze said. "Early in the game, I discovered that your individual future was not in your own hands when manufacturers had the

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