Scott Durchslag

Analysts say the company will now rely on its internal talent such as Sharon McCollam and Scott Durchslag in its next moves.

Best Buy Co. Inc.'s decision to pull the plug on its partnership with Carphone Warehouse in Europe is not just a partial retreat from the world stage. It also suggests that the Richfield-based consumer electronics retailer, which has leaned on joint ventures, consultants and strategic alliances, will need to seek its best ideas from within the company instead of outside it.

Best Buy said Tuesday it will sell its 50 percent president Scott Durchslag on Tuesday outlined the retailer's plans to revamp its online strategy, saying it will focus on "streaming" tailored deals to loyalty program members and forging partnerships with innovative technology companies.

Durchslag, senior vice president of digital and marketing and president of Best and eCommerce, spoke before a crowd at the Minnesota High Tech Association spring conference.

Durchslag, a tech-industry veteran who previously worked for Expedia and Skype, said the Richfield-based retailer's goal will be to "delight consumers across all platforms." He called as it stands

Scott Durchslag is about to get his hands dirty.

As the new head of Best Buy's online business, Durchslag couldn't be joining the largest U.S. electronics retailer at a messier time.

Over the past year, Best Buy has faced enormous pressure from online competitors, which can often accept lower margins because they lack the expense of operating physical locations. To deal with those challenges, the company is undergoing a massive period of disruption that has included the resignation of its CEO and an unsolicited bid from its founder.

Best Buy announced Wednesday that it has named Scott Durchslag, formerly president of Expedia, as its new Ecommerce head.

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