Scott Ramirez

Toshiba will be making an aggressive push into the 4K TV market this summer with the release of three new UltraHD TVs, along with a 4K Blu-ray player. The new models were unveiled by Scott Ramirez, Toshiba's vice president, Product Marketing and Development, Digital Products Division at a press conference held Wednesday at CE Week in New York. 

Scott Ramirez, Toshiba’s vice president of product marketing and development of visual products, recently sat down with Dealerscope editor-in-chief Jeff O’Heir to talk about the mantra—“change”—that is guiding the company through this year and beyond.

For its first-ever 3DTV, Toshiba decided to look at what others before them had done.

The result is the thinnest HDTV to date for the company, a 1.2-inches thick screen that automatically adjusts its light levels to match the lighting of the room it's in. The WX800 LED upconverts 720p 3D broadcasts to 3D and the 55-inch model has a price tag of $3,299.

"We've always been a bit late to the 3D game," said Toshiba spokeswoman Mariella Souflis. "But after looking at what others are doing, we're pleased with the result."

Toshiba America Consumer Products announced Wednesday that it is realigning its TV Marketing and Digital Audio/Video Marketing divisions into a single marketing department.

Toshiba Wednesday unveiled what it's calling the industry's first full-full solution TV set, the ZX900 series CELL TV.

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