Sean Oh

iRiver this week announced the upcoming release of a new portable music player called the Lplayer Multifunctional MP4 Player. The device, which comes in three colors, is equipped with iRiver’s D-Click control mechanism and an LCD screen, and can handle video, photos and FM radio, in addition to standard music. “The Lplayer is a perfect example of how iriver manages to mesh sophistication with endless capabilities, and offer it all at a price that will surprise,” the company’s head of U.S. operations, Sean Oh, said as part of the announcement. The player comes in 4G and 8G editions, retailing for $109.99 and

iriver last week launched its first new product of the year, a multimedia player called the E100 mp3 Multimedia Player. The music/video player includes mp3 capability, as well as FM radio, stereo speakers, and a 2.4 TFT LCD screen. The player, featuring a simple design, comes in four colors (white, black, sky blue and pink), and weighs just two ounces. It also supports numerous music and video types, as well as files from Napster, Rhapsody and other download services. “iriver is reinventing itself, and the E100 is the first offering in our aggressive reentry into the U.S. market,” Sean Oh, the company’s

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