Sean Wargo

Age: 39

Education: B.B.A., Marketing,  University of North Texas (1994)

Career History: As a college student, Koenig was so intrigued by human behavior and how people think, he nearly pursued a career in psychology.

Flat panel mounting solutions enable consumers to optimize what they can do with their plasma and LCD display investment while creating entirely new display applications in the home. As plasma and LCD display sales gain traction at the checkout, so should new opportunities for mount accessory business. In fact, specific mounts can help drive incremental flat panel display sales if properly merchandised. The use of flat panel plasma and LCD displays in the home is growing at a rapid pace. This is due primarily to advancements in the technology, which have made flat panels desirable for applications that extend beyond traditional television viewing, such

Audio in the Doldrums: Think Again Over the past year, the word on the street was: Audio is in a slump. Shipments of components were down and price-points were taking a beating, all thanks to the successful bundling of product into home-theater-in-a-box (HTIB). Meanwhile, the snazzy new display technologies appeared to be capturing the better part of consumer budgets, but no more—current data trends show audio separates are making a comeback. According to the Consumer Electronics Association's factory shipment data program, unit shipments of home audio equipment (including separates and speakers) through June have increased almost 25 percent, compared to the same period a

By Natalie Hope McDonald Retailers like the sound of it. According to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), portable audio sales have increased this spring. The trade association reported that revenues from factory-to-dealer sales of portable audio players grew to nearly $167 million during April 2003, marking an increase of 12 percent compared to the same time last year. Since the advent of digital music, the portable audio market has expanded to include MP3 players and mobile audio, as well as standby CD players. Both, according to CEA, are making sales strides this spring. "The rise in portable audio sales is largely due

Debunking myths about a fast-growing buying segment By Kathy Gornik Co-founder and President THIEL Audio Retailers should pay close attention to the recent CEA market study about women and technology. (See Sean Wargo's column on page 42.) Although a lot of lip service has been paid to the subject of female consumer electronics shoppers, precious little has been done to tap this enormous market. Now that we have some research data from CEA's market research department, and we also have the "Women and the CE Industry" roundtable discussion during CES, any retailer interested in realizing the potential of this underserved market

By Sean Wargo Senior Industry Analyst Consumer Electronics Association Go, go, go! Check with the office. Phone home for dinner plans. Coordinate pick-up times with kids. Hook up with friends for a night on the town. Get directions for those last few feet when picking a friend out of a crowd. Ask any consumer of wireless devices today and they'd probably tell you they'd give up a kidney before letting go of their phones. Right up there with the American Express card, these devices top the list of things consumers don't want to leave home without. No wonder the news is filled with smaller and smaller cell

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