Shailendra Pandey

Mobile phone accessories will generate $40 billion in worldwide revenue this year, a figure expected to double by 2012. That’s according to a survey released Thursday by ABI Research. The survey covers chargers and batteries, as well as headsets, cards, data connection kits, and other products associated with mobile phones. “Current market trends including the growing adoption of smartphones in the prosumer and consumer segments, as well as the increasing popularity of iPhone-like feature-rich devices with touchscreens are contributing to the growing demand for mobile phone accessories,” ABI Research industry analyst Shailendra Pandey said in the announcement of the results. For

Downward price pressure on GPS-equipped mobile phones are likely to lead wholesale prices to drop as low as $200 by 2010, according to a price survey released Thursday by ABI Research. Such prices now are generally in the $250-$500 range. “Recent industry developments, such as the announcement by CSR and Samsung of lower costs for GPS modules for mobile devices, will ensure that prices for GPS-enabled handsets quickly come down,” ABI analyst Shailendra Pandey said in the study’s announcement. Pandey added that prices will go down even further as manufacturers make GPS available in more devices. ABI also expects the market for

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