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The terms of their business partnership were worked out nearly 30 years ago in a 10-minute conversation: Mike Nüñez, the 21-year-old, would be president, if only because he had the good fortune of no longer being underage. Harry Reynolds, Nüñez’s 16-year-old neighbor who’d been selling stereo equipment out of his bedroom at his parents’ house, would be vice president. The two analog enthusiasts named their new company “Precision Audio” and set about to get their hands on some merchandise, which, back in 1981, meant heading to Chicago for CES. The improbability of this impossibly young, undercapitalized duo talking their way into vendor partnerships

Tom Huff, the manager in charge of 20 full-time salespeople at Schaefer’s TV & Appliance Center, Lincoln, Neb., remembers the dark days of consumer electronics. It’s not that the store’s business ever suffered. As a 62-year-old independent business that started out as a corner drugstore, Schaefer’s has a great track record at evolving along with its marketplace. But there was a time when the trend was to keep things dark ... literally. “In the 80s and 90s, it was big to keep things dark in electronics departments,” he said. “Everyone thought that was the way to sell TVs. But on a

Las Vegas is not a town known for its morning life. The only people up before 9 a.m. are the ones who never made it to bed the night before. But early one morning this summer, nearly a hundred coffee-fueled independent retailers made their way past vacant blackjack tables in the Venetian Resort and gathered in a conference room for a breakfast meeting of the Nationwide Marketing Group’s specialty electronics division (SEN). After a welcome from the buying group’s director, Jeanette Howe, the members heard pitch after pitch from vendors, all with a similar message: if you want to make money this holiday season,

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Retail guru Spencer Kalker gives practical tips on how to get an edge on the competition.

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