Stan Shih

Microsoft's objective in unveiling its new Surface tablet is to prod device makers to bring out Windows 8 tablets, then withdraw from the tablet market once that's accomplished, according to reported comments from Acer founder Stan Shih.

Microsoft "has no real intention to sell own-brand tablet PCs," according to a report in Taipei-based Digitimes, citing Shih.

"Once the purpose is realized, Microsoft will not offer more models," the report said.

Shih reportedly goes on to say that the strategy was conceived as way to "encourage" device makers to bring out Windows 8 tablets.

Acer's Shih still convinced tablets just temporary Acer's creator Stan Shih tried to stir controversy Friday with remarks once again trying to dismiss primarily Apple-driven technology. He called tablets like the iPad, and now the ultrabook category created by the MacBook Air, "short-term phenomena" that would go away. The conventional PC was the cornerstone of technology; not only did the tablet and smartphone come from the PC, but everything had to go through it to make value, Digitimes recounts him as saying. Apple was succeeding with the iPad primarily through "outside-the-box thinking," Shih said, and it was something that

Acer is well on its way to becoming the world’s largest PC manufacturer. And it has done that by capitalizing on the success of Windows. But now the company is taking aim at Apple, and it's becoming evident that it's the latest victim of a bipolar behavior in the tech industry whenever Apple is a competitor.

Earlier this month, Acer veteran Stan Shih said that Apple’s products are “mutant viruses” that, over time, will be overcome by competition that “evolves naturally” and outlasts the threat Apple’s products pose.

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