Stephen Williams

In this Sunday’s Automobiles section, Stephen Williams documents the dying throes of the car stereo tape deck, which as of the 2011 model year is no longer available as factory equipment — standard or optional — on any new car sold in the United States. (The 2010 Lexus SC 430 appears to have been the last holdout.) It may be a wonder to some that it lasted that long. As Mr. Williams writes:

Still, for more than two decades the cassette ruled the road. It offered less distortion and higher fidelity than its predecessor, the wobbly eight-track tape

The hurricane season has been calm for warranty and extended service providers By David Dritsas The impact of the recent onslaught of hurricanes has been a hot topic throughout the industry and the country at large. But one segment has experienced only a small—if at all noticeable—effect: the warranty business. Despite the massive losses of personal property in the hardest hit areas of the southern United States, extended service providers have very little to do with the problem of damaged goods. In fact, some companies are wondering if the outcome will actually produce a slight increase in business. Mostly, the lack of impact has

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