Stephen Woo

On Wednesday morning, Dr. Stephen Woo, President at Samsung addressed a packed house at the Las Vegas Venetian Palazolo ballroom. In the last large-stage keynote presentation of CES 2013, Dr. Woo talked the future for the massive tech company and his focus was its product’s new components

Samsung CEO Stephen Woo unveiled a new super 8-core micro processor during a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today.

The Exynos5 Octa is a processor that has two sets of four-core processors each. It's made to run intense apps while also conserving energy when handling basic tasks, Woo told the audience. He showed off a few demos of the new processor. The key function of the chip is to allow users to do several things at once

The International CES conference isn't until January, but Dr. Stephen Woo, President of Samsung Electronics' Device Solutions, has already been announced as one of the keynote presenters.

CES 2013 kicks off on January 8, 2013 in Las Vegas, and the following morning at 9 AM, Dr. Woo will take to the stage to present his insights on the state of the industry.  Seeing as how Samsung has become a bigger and bigger player in the consumer electronics scene

Dr. Stephen Woo, the president of Samsung's Device Solutions group, will give a keynote address at International CES in January, CEA announced this week.

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