Steve Harris

By Natalie Hope McDonald On October 30, 1938, The Mercury Theatre, a young drama troupe under the direction of Orson Welles, performed a radio play based on a novel by H.G. Wells called "War of the Worlds." WABC New York and CBS both carried what would become a monumental event in radio history. Despite disclaimers before and after the show, the broadcast caused mass hysteria as thousands of listeners panicked nationwide, not realizing the apocalyptic newscast was actually a fictional radio play. Sixty-four years later to the day, XM Satellite Radio will broadcast an original live production based on the notorious shocker about aliens landing

Robert Minkhorst will end his 30-year career at Philips on December 31, when he is slated to resign as chief executive officer of Philips Consumer Electronics North America. At press time, Philips had not appointed a successor. Darrel Issa has been elected to Congress. Issa is the chairman of the Board of the Consumer Electronics Association and president and CEO of Directed Electronics. He took his seat in the House of Representatives representing the 48th congressional district in California. Issa, a Republican, won with 61 percent of the vote.…Jim Minarik is the new president and CEO of Directed Electronics, Inc. Minarik is currently the

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