Steve McNally

Electrical Distributing Inc. announced Monday that Steve McNally has joined the company as executive vice president. McNally is an industry veteran who has worked with LG, Sharp and Toshiba.

A. N.E.W.’s Martin Bloom and Danny Hourigan B. Sam Mizrahi of DigiPower C. Leo and James Dardashti of Atlantic, Inc. D. Hitachi’s Daniel Lee with some of the company’s new plasma TVs E. Tim Dorwart of Cerwin Vega F. Sharp’s Mike Troetti, Mark Crandell and Steve McNally at the HTSA reception G. Scott Herzog, Kevin Rupkey, Bruce Wolfson, Bruce Caldwell and Frank Trigo of Banker’s Warranty Group, surrounding HTSA's Richard Glikes H. Marty Goldberg of Lenmar I. Universal Remote Control’s Doug Cole J. Fred, Judy and Mike Klipsch K. Pat Lavelle and Tom Malone of Audiovox L. Monster’s Noel Lee with Jean-Pierre Van Tiel (DSG) and CompUSA President Roman Ross

Coming out of a busy holiday selling season, there is nottime to rest on one’s laurels. In fact, strategizing for the 2007 retail year probably should have started over a month ago. Dealerscope spoke with the heads of two CE buying groups to see what they are looking forward to in the coming year, what they are concerned about and what they hope to offer their members. RICHARD GLIKES, Executive Director, Home Theater Specialists of America Our goal for 2007 is to reinvent HTSA. It will be our 11th year, and we’ll be looking at new ways to improve ourselves. It’s been a very

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