Steve Wilson

The tru2way technology standard will steadily gain popularity over the coming years, to the point where half of cable subscribers will have it within five years. That’s according to a study released this week, from the research firm ABI Research, called “The Outlook for tru2way.” ABI’s chief analyst, however, cautioned that “many industry-political obstacles and interoperability challenges” remain in the way of widespread adoption of the standard. “Consumer electronics manufacturers have been at odds with the cable industry over tru2way for a long time,” the chief analyst, Steve Wilson, said as part of the study’s announcement. ““It’s been a pretty contentious era.

About 40 years ago, Sam Walton told John Kiefer: "If you really want to see what's going to happen, you don't want to talk to old guys. You want to look at the kids. If you look at the kids in the sandbox, you can look at everything you need to know about marketing." At the time, Walton was opening up a chain of tiny variety stores across Arkansas and Kansas. The first Wal-Mart debuted in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962. Kiefer's distribution business, Kief's Records & Stereo Supply, serviced the record departments in the first six Wal-Mart stores. The "look at the kids

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