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Editor in chief of Dealerscope

GRAPEVINE, TEX.- Selling customers on the virtues of in-car safety may not be easy, but it's necessary and can be a big boon to mobile retailers. That was the message delivered by Steve Witt, executive vice president of sales and marketing with DICE Electronics, in a morning keynote address at MERA KnowlegeFest.

The 12-Volt Awareness Initiative said this week that it will host a webinar Oct. 5, leading into the group's campaign to drive awareness of the 12-volt category leading into the holiday season and CES.

If you’re a mobile electronics retailer you better move those spring or summer vacation plans to the fall. Even though the weather is still lousy in most parts of the country, dealers tell us the kids are already lining up at the installation bays for the latest and loudest sound systems (the better to hear the beat over the engine while wakeboarding), while Mr. Deep Pockets has designs on the latest and fullest home entertainment system to update that little yacht he has floating over at the mariner. The time is here for all mobile dealers to make a little extra space in the

Challenges and opportunities for mobile electronics retailers, and the aftermarket manufacturers who supply them, have never been greater. In less than 30 years, the automobile has morphed from a way of getting from here to there into a communications and entertainment hub that mirrors the driver’s home in almost every respect except square footage. And the aftermarket products that have made it so are all subject to the same market influences as their home-bound counterparts, plus one: Each innovation that shows up in the car is bound to be copied and eventually eclipsed, sooner or later, by OEM offerings. Dealerscope polled suppliers for their

Independent retailers come together to create a better dashboard democracy By Brett Solomon MERA's (Mobile Enhancement Retailers Association) annual KnowledgeFest, this year held March 12-16 in Louisville, Ky., was the beginning of a battle cry for independent retailers to form an alliance against automobile manufacturers who are making it more and more difficult to install aftermarket products in new vehicles. On Saturday, March 13, retailers, manufacturers, and everyone else in attendance was welcomed to the Town Meeting on OEM Integration. A panel discussion ensued led by OEM Integration stalwarts Rob Putnam of SoundGate, Ira Marlowe of BlitzSafe, Ron Freeman of Peripheral Electronics,

What better way to check the pulse of the mobile electronics industry than go to the people who shape it? Dealerscope gathered top executives from five mobile market leaders, and asked them to provide unique, insiders' perspectives on various aspects of the industry. To help guide the conversation, we asked Consumer Electronics Association's (CEA) Mobile Division Director Chris Cook to serve as moderator. The Cast Moderator: Chris Cook, director of mobile division, CEA • Loyd Ivy, president and CEO, Mitek Corporation • Steve Witt, vice president of brand marketing and communications, Alpine Electronics of America • Jim Minarik, president and CEO, Directed Electronics •

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