After introducing several new tablets last week at Computex, ViewSonic has unveiled another seven-inch model, the ViewBook 730, with an entry-level feature set. The device offers an 800x480 touchscreen and Android 2.2, rather than the tablet-optimized version of Google's mobile OS. The 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor is capable of 1080p video output via HDMI, while a front-facing VGA camera supports video chat.

Microsoft at its E3 keynote planned a major overhaul of the Xbox 360 Dashboard to focus more heavily on media and compete with hubs like the Apple TV. The new Xbox experience now adds live TV and will let users see real-time streaming video. Few details are available, although live UFC fights will be available separately as a feature.

Style, service and a shoe horn By Grant Clauser You wouldn't know the country was in a recession, embroiled in a war and generally hiding under the covers from inside one of the nine Harvey Electronics stores in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. If you did stop by, you'd see a showroom gleaming with high-end plasma and LCD TVs; component racks shelving names like Marantz, MacIntosh and Bryston; and big Stewart screens flanked by Martin Logan speakers. Outside, there would likely be a large Harvey truck being loaded for a day of plasma monitor deliveries. Most importantly, you'd see people shopping and

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