T.J. Lee

Dealers of high-end flat-panel displays will soon have a new brand to choose from: LG. Zenith announced recently the plan to launch LG as its premium brand for plasma and LCD displays and high definition set-top-boxes. Beginning in the second half of 2003, LG-branded video products will be available to selected high-end retailers as well as commercial customers, including those in lodging, education, health care, industrial and custom-installation channels. Zenith President and CEO T.J. Lee said that Zenith-branded products will continue to be marketed in parallel, "providing expanded business opportunities for Zenith distribution channels." The LG-brand products will include "additional features and capabilities to

SAN ANTONIO—At Zenith's 2002 dealer line show, CEO T.J. Lee explained that the company is now prepared to "capitalize on the limitless potential of digital technology." According to VP of Sales Rick Powers, dealer relationships will be bolstered by plans to help dealers improve their product forecasts. The company is also expanding the number of field trainers by 50 percent and the number of regional managers by 40 percent. One of Zenith's most significant shifts is its target consumer. Sam Caputo, director of advertising, said Zenith is aiming for household incomes between $100,000 and $500,000. "We believe now is the time

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