Tamaryn Pratt

“Focused Energy” was the slogan for the Fall 2012 meeting of the Home Technology Specialists of America, and it was not an empty promise. The meeting, held Oct. 8-10 in Chicago, was all about pumping up the trade group’s member dealers to focus their energies on upping sales in today’s challenging retail landscape.

Quixel Research, a firm that tracks the video display marketing recently reported a signficant decrease in the price for 50-inch PlasmaTVs. The company’s review of the second quarter for 2006 shows that 50-inch unit share of the Plasma TV category grew 40 percent over Q1 2006 sales, but that the average selling price for a 50-59-inch plasma TVs fell from $5,118 in Q2 2005 to $3,218 in Q2 2006. Overall, the segment declined 62 percent year-to-year. “Value priced models were selling for as low as $1,999 in club stores. These units sold in significant volumes and even outpaced the Microdisplay category at the 50-inch

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