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We receive a lot of comments about advice we offer, one recently in response to a suggestion of mine telling dealers they should always try to negotiate. “Negotiate everything,” I said. But apparently I hit a tender spot when readers wrote in that I shouldn’t be spreading such advice because customers will also keep trying to negotiate. I can assure you that my advice is shared by many and customers will always try to reduce the price, but the key word here is “try.” Shopping to many has become a sport. Getting the great buy, particularly when you can negotiate a better price, can

Dealerscope asked the benefits consultants interviewed for this story how they would advise an employer on their health benefits package if, say, stuck in an elevator for three minutes. Here are their replies: From Gary B. Kusher, Kushner & Associates: "Move slowly and do it right. There are lots of products out there that may work for one company but not another. Employers should not be looking for off-the-shelf plan solutions to address all of their needs. They don't exist. "Look at the demographics of your employees, how old and howyoung, their longevity and tenure. Look at why you are providing health

Last August 29, Brand Source members from around the country converged on Las Vegas for the annual Brand Source National Convention and Buy Fair. Held in the Paris Las Vegas hotel and casino, the event gave members a chance to connect with the buying group's leadership, take part in a series of conferences and take advantage of the opportunity to meet with key vendors at the Buy Fair held in the hotel's ballroom. The event kicked off on Sunday with the dealer-supplier taste of Las Vegas, giving attendees and suppliers a chance to enjoy the city on their own. Monday's events began just after

By David Dritsas A good laugh. That's the first thing you'll get when you ask industry insiders what's been happening with MP3 music and the Internet. The news in this industry has been a soap opera of lawsuits, private investigations and name-calling. But as laughable as this comedic melodrama may be, it's leaving consumers confused and unsure about the technology, even with the promises of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI). Consumer confusion is not what's wanted at a time when Sony, Circuit City, Sharp and Lexar have teamed up to promote Memory Products and when has inked deals with Liquid

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