Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison reportedly tried 3,000 different ideas for the light bulb before he found one that would sell. Over a century later, his winning formula is rapidly falling out of favor. Much of the world has decided to ban inefficient incandescent light bulbs, or at least drive them out of the market using minimum efficiency standards. When existing bulbs burn out, consumers will have to choose between halogen, CFL, or LED alternatives. In many ways, LEDs seem like the best bet: they're generally more efficient, last longer, turn on faster, fit more places

Now is the time to consider that with disruption comes fortune. It would be a good time to consider acceleration of the changes around you. Stop trying to bail out the dirt entering your hole and seek the sun. In past articles, I have advocated for a number of off-the-beaten-track considerations – outside-the-box for those who enjoy the trite — both for employers and employees as well. Most of what I have suggested was presented to provoke thought and stick you all with the pin of disruption management.

The CE Hall of Fame grew by 11 members on Monday, as the Consumer Electronics Association announced its eighth class of new inductees at a luncheon during its Washington Forum. The class of 2007 consists by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Bose founder/chairman Amar Bose, the three German engineers who invented the mp3 format, and Eastman Kodak engineer Steve Sasson, inventor of the digital camera. Also inducted were journalist Art Weinberg, Best Buy founder Richard “Dick” Schulze, former Casio CEO John McDonald, Crutchfield founder William Crutchfield, and J. Edward Day, the CEA’s own longtime lawyer. The induction ceremony for the new members will

Even after 80 years, the CE industry isn't slowing dowm By Jack Wayman Media Spokesperson, CEA Founder, International CES This year is a milestone for the consumer electronics (CE) industry, and for Dealerscope magazine, which has chronicled and served it well for the past eight decades. It is timely to take an overview of our dynamic industry's past 80 years: its inventions, product development and distribution; the people who marketed them; the government activities that aided or abetted progress; and the collective activity of our trade organizations. After all, we in the United States have a love affair with electronics; we account for

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