Tim Herbert

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

More and more technology buyers are interested in making greener choices in the products they purchase. That's the conclusion of a study released this week by the Consumer Electronics Association.

The Consumer Electronics Association Thursday revised its forecast for the holiday season. CEA reduced its projection for fourth quarter wholesale shipment revenues to an increase of just .1 percent, down from the earlier forecast of 3.5 percent.

The Consumer Electronics Association's economic team has announced that it will address the holiday economic climate, including the fallout form Black Friday, in a special Web cast Thursday.

No matter how tough of a competitor you think you are, there's always someone tougher nipping at your heels. To make matters worse, the amount of competition constantly increases as non-traditional sales channels continue to flourish.

At a pre-CES press preview last night in New York, the CEA revealed its latest consumer research, culled just after the presidential election from Nov. 6 to 9, showing what Tim Herbert, senior director of market research, termed “unprecedented negative sentiment” about the economy. “Ninety percent of consumers say the economy is worse than at this time last year, up from 87 percent on Sept. 27 – the largest number in the 15 years CEA has conducted this survey,” he said.

The economy is hurting but CE sales will remain relatively healthy compared to other industries, with a 3.5 percent increase expected during the fourth quarter, roughly half of last year’s growth.

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