Tim Ryan

Stan Brooks, a former big-city radio DJ and one of the most funny and personable guys you’re to likely meet in a CE store, has never forgotten his interaction with two women who walked into his Circuit City store the first months he was on a sales floor.

“Let’s look at the custom world right now. We go into the customer’s house. They are in their element. We build a relationship wth them and listen to what they have to say and find out about their lifestyle. We’re not just listening as a qualifiying process for a specific product. Why are we not doing that on the retail floor?” - Tim Ryan, Principal of Consumer Electronics University (www.celectronicsu.com)

CEO and President Kenneth R. Weller of Good Guys stepped in as chairman of the company's board of directors when Ronald A. Unkefer retired as chairman and as a board member. Unkefer remains the company's largest individual shareholder. Unkefer returned to Good Guys in 1999 to lead the retailer's turn around and brought 11-year Good Guys veteran Weller back into the fold after a seven year stint at Best Buy. Former Senior Vice President of Services for Best Buy Lowell Peters is now chairman of Partsearch's Advisory Board. Peters has been a services industry professional for more than 34 years, including 20 years

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