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More men are making appliance buying decisions and manufacturers are answering the demand with high-end products. By Mike Llewellyn The time was when the closest men got to cooking was over an outdoor fire. And the only dealers able to sell men on appliances were outfits like Nebraska-based Cabela's, which tackles a vertical market selling grills and turkey fryers side by side with guns and ammo. But times are changing, say both manufacturers and retailers, and they point to an increase in the number of male customers making the buying decisions for indoor appliances. It's by no means a revolution in the way people

Organizers of this year's kitchen and bath show are hoping for an event for the record books. By Mike Llewellyn This spring, more than 40,000 dealers, designers, distributors and retailers will descend upon Chicago's McCormick Place Convention Center for the annual Kitchen/Bath Industry Show and Conference (K/BIS). Starting April 1, attendees will have the opportunity to chat with industry leaders and check out the new innovations. Frigidaire will be rolling out an entire new line of top-shelf products, branded separately under the Electrolux name. "In addition to the line of Frigidaire products, we will also be showing what we call the Elecrolux Icon product line. It's branded Electrolux

The Effects of Low-Interest Rates on Major Appliance Sales By Natalie Hope McDonald According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), annual sales of new homes totaled 976,000 units last year, with average selling prices reaching $227,500. The NAHB predicts that as home loan rates decrease over the next year, new home sales will grow with fixed interest rates forecast at a low 6 percent. For major appliance retailers, it means that among new home owners, more money is being pooled for big-ticket items. According to NAHB's February "Eye on the Economy" study, "The single-family housing market, supported by mortgage rates that have

Audiobahn Inc. One of the country's leading 12-volt manufacturers, founded in 1997 by Nasser Abo Abdo. Over the past few years, Audiobahn has proven itself to be bigger and better than its competitors by showing an amazing growth rate and proving its dominance. Contact: (800) 488-8595 Audiovox Communications Corporation Audiovox is a market-share leader that holds the coveted spot of third-largest manufacturer of cellular handsets. The company markets analog, CDMA, CDMA/PCS, TDMA and GSM and 900 MHz digital cordless telephones. CONTACT: Beltronics Beltronics develops, manufactures and markets high-performance radar detectors for the domestic and international automotive

Increased competition and complexity keep us tossing and turning By Janet Pinkerton In terms of business, what keeps you awake at night? We asked this question to all the Dealerscope Editorial Advisory Board members. "My father-in-law said, 'Tell them you sleep like a baby and that you wake up every two hours screaming,'" quipped Albert Baker, executive VP of the distributor Warren's World. Baker, in early November, mulled who to believe about how to buy. "Every company was coming to us saying, 'There won't be any product for Christmas; buy now,'" he said. "You say to yourself, 'How could the economy

Digital Video is again the most popular saving grace for the year ahead By Markkus Rovito What product or technology would most impact your businesses next year? Heading into 2002, a plurality of Dealerscope's Editorial Advisory Board members cite digital video products—mainly displays and DVD. Jeff Cove, group VP, merchandising for Panasonic, said, "There are two items driving the business: DVD and digital television. They almost go hand-in-hand, and we expect them to lead next year." Wayne Park, senior VP, sales and marketing, Zenith, said, "Our focus is new display technologies, especially the thin, flat technologies. The market is still small, but

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