Tre Brunson

When Gail Dallas took a job at a Georgia furniture and appliance store sixteen and a half years ago, her job description was straightforward: receptionist. “I answered phones,” says 56-year-old Dallas. “I can talk to anybody, I just think people on any level are so I was a good fit.” Dallas is still the first voice customers hear when they call or walk in the door of H&H, but the store and Dallas’s role in it have evolved into something much more complex. “I’m the concierge,” says Dallas of her island desk at the entrance to the brand new H&H Lifestyles store

“I think in some sectors, around the mid-West, there’s been a slow-down in housing starts. Florida, obviously, too. But it’s a correction. We couldn’t continue to have double digit gains. It’s just an opportunity for everybody to catch their breath a little, take an internal look at your business, do a better job at taking care of the customer. Here, thankfully, we still have all the business we can handle. But we’ve been through slow-downs before. They happen, then it ends and then business goes bonkers again. You have to take a long-view or it’ll drive you crazy. It’s just like

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