Vance Pflanz

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

Following the passing last week of longtime retailer Vance Pflanz of Iowa's Pflanz Electronics, the Consumer Electronics Association is paying tribute to an industry pioneer. 

Vance Pflanz, the founder of Pflanz Electronics in Iowa and a longtime fixture with CEA, BrandSource, and other industry associations, passed away last Thursday at the age of 75.

Industry veteran Vance Pflanz, who has worked in the consumer electronics industry since 1958, has suffered a major, debilitating stroke, BrandSource, of which Pflanz is a past president, said this week. 

Vance Pflanz is not only a premier purveyor in Sioux City, Iowa, of the immersive home entertainment experience. He and Pflanz Electronics, the business he has built as its president, are products of total immersion in the CE trade.

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