Walter Mossberg

Editor in chief of Dealerscope

The Consumer Electronics Association held a banquet Monday evening at New York City's Grand Hyatt, where it inducted the 2014 recipients of its Hall of Fame Awards.

The honorees, visionaries from all walks of the industry  – retailers, inventors and  entrepreneurs – included the following individuals:

Founders/Innovators: Tim Westergren, Pandora; Lloyd Ivey, Mitek; Dr. Levy Gertzberg, Zoran Corp.; Gerald McCarthy, Zenith.

Technologists: Dr. David Lee, Silicon Image; Victor and Janie Tsao, Linksys; Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil, Spread-Spectrum Technology

Retailers: C.W. Conn, Conn'; James C. "Cowboy" Maloney

Journalist: Walter Mossberg, Re/code, ex-The Wall Street Journal

The media review embargo lifted Wednesday for Samsung's Galaxy SIII smartphone, and it got mostly positive reviews from the nation's top tech critics.

Two of the nation's most highly-regarded technology journalists, the New York Times' David Pogue and the Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg, will both speak at CES in January as part of the shows' Lifestyle Tracks, produced by Living in Digital Times

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