Warren Buffet

Retail is about understanding human nature. Those individuals who understand that principle learn retail very quickly while those who don’t struggle. There is no better place to learn human nature than selling on a retail floor. What I am constantly learning about retail is it’s like a chess game and knowing what the next move should be. I have a great-great-grandfather who was a frontier county sheriff and a deputy U.S. Marshal in the late 1880s. I have been researching material for a book over the past 10 years that I want to write about his life. It covers the outlaws he tracked down

When Rose Blumkin opened the Nebraska Furniture Mart in 1937, she had little idea it would evolve into one of the greatest stories of midwest retailing. Mrs. Blumkin, just now retired at age 104, must look around the 72-acre campus that makes up the Furniture Mart--Mrs. B's Basement and Mega Mart, the electronics superstore that opened on the site in November, 1994--and marvel at how things have evolved. Owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway investment corporation since 1983, but still run by the Blumkins, including son Louie, and grandsons Irv, Ron and Steve, Nebraska Furniture Mart is nothing short of a midwest phenomena. Walking

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