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The dynamics influencing the consumer electronics and major appliance markets last year were particularly volatile, forcing many retailers to reassess their reasons for being and to redefine what it is that keeps them in business. The industry’s buying groups, at the same time, have stepped up to the plate as much more than mere merchandise conduits. Their role has dramatically expanded and they are now, more than ever, acting as advisors, educators and trainers for their membership. Below, we explore how some of the major groups are working to better serve members in this increasingly charged retail atmosphere. DEALERSCOPE: Talk a bit in general

A lot of January major appliance inventory got purchased in December, thanks to significant end-of-year deals in advance of expected January price increases. The question now is whether dealers hedged their bets—and their inventory dollars—correctly. In December, buying group leaders watched their members’ buying behavior closely to see what impact the end-of-year deals would have on dealer inventory levels and financial health—not to mention first quarter 2007 purchasing orders. This month, they will be watching to see how the price increases play in the suppliers’ channels. “Everybody’s announced a price increase in January,” said NATM Buying Corp. President/Executive Director William Trawick. The price increases have

My Enemy is My Friend Since my first day on the job at Dealerscope, I’ve consistently heard this statement: The big boxes are running the independents out of town. I don’t doubt that there is truth to this statement. But someone said something to me the other day that gave me reason to pause. William Trawick, the Executive Director of the NATM buying group was talking about years past at his group’s recent conference. Business today, he says, is good for his dealer members; everybody is up in most categories and has plans to open new stores. The memberhip of NATM is made up

By David Dritsas With an increase in volume of approximately 300 percent increase in volume and 25 new storefronts in 2004, dealer members of the NATM buying group have reason to feel good about 2005. At the group?s annual meeting Hollywood, Fla., NATM president/executive director, William Trawick spoke about it's dealers successes and challenges in the current CE retail climate. "Everyone of our retailers opened stores last year," says Trawick, adding later, "Probably by the end of this year we'll make up what we lost from losing h.h.gregg and American TV." Though NATM's number of members has decreased in years, the group has made up ground

By David Dritsas 10/28/02—NATM Buying Corporation announced today that Queen City TV & Appliance, a Charlotte, NC retailer with eleven stores in its region, has joined the buying group, effective immediately. The addition of Queen City is part of a recruitment drive to add new retailers to the fold after the recent exits of H.H. Gregg and Sight n' Sound. But Queen City isn't necessarily new to the group. Two years ago it was counted as an affiliate member, according to William Trawick, NATM's President and Executive Director, before it was not initially invited to join, because the group was focusing on having larger retail

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