Reluctant retailer Gregory Baese considered himself more of a contractor than a salesman when he bought a Heating & Air Conditioning business back in 1984. 22 years later, though, he’s a convert to a relationship-based sales model that’s earned him a respected and growing appliance business in the Texas territory between San Antonio and Austin. “I still do a good bit of work for builders, but about 50% of my clients are return customers and referrals,” says Baese. “I believe it’s all about providing quality over a long time. When something goes wrong, my customers know they’re not going to get a 800-number. I

By David Dritsas XM Satellite Radio announced that it will reshape its 100-channel lineup in order to add new channels and is entering a new category for satellite radio, special, extra channels for an additional monthly fee. As of June 30, 2002 the company reported approximately of 137,000 subscribers of its satellite-delivered, digital radio service. XM President Hugh Panero noted in a statement from the company, "Based largely on subscriber feedback, we're making a number of enhancements to XM's 100 channel lineup." The result will be the addition of nine new channels, including a new premium channel, the cancellation of seven channels and the

by Jamie Latshaw Because multifunctions, printers, faxes, copiers and scanners are co-existing in the same market, when it comes to gaining or holding shelf space, competition is tough. "I don't think a manufacturer can afford not to have a multifunction device," Frank Martinez, Brother's national laser and color inkjet product manager, said. "As they [multifunction devices] become more powerful and more readily accepted, they're infringing on other devices for space." he said, referring to printer, scanning and telephony answering machine devices. "It's a highly competitive market, and shelf space will go to the retailer who delivers the right product and the right program," Debbit Abbott, Xerox's director of

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