Woody Nash

NEW YORK CITY—The Consumer Electronics Association held its annual pre-CES soiree last month in the Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center. It's traditionally the last moment of relative calm before the holidays and CES. The 2001 International CES is scheduled to begin Saturday, January 6, at the Las Vegas Convention Center and end Tuesday, January 9, with more than 1,500 exhibitors booking into 1.8 million square feet of total show floor space. This year, there are some differences: • A new section of the week (Saturday through Tuesday) • New co-located shows (the Video Software Dealers Association's annual show, in addition to Digital Hollywood,

By David Dritsas The electronic age has changed and continues to change the way retailers do business. It's changing the way consumers shop for electronics. But did you think that it could work to help you reduce your returns? This was the hot topics at the CEA Business Solutions Series in Los Angeles. The two-day event covered ground on topics from call center efficiency to available Web technology for increased consumer awareness and education. Day one concentrated heavily on the problem of returns and how to combat them. "We simplified owners manuals with pictures and diagrams and non-technical instructions," said Ira Miller, controller and director of financial

By Jennifer Kraft No doubt a well-trained, knowledgeable sales staff is key to any retail business. Getting (or creating) one, however, can seem next to impossible, considering the high turn-over rate on the sales floor, employee schedules and the lack of time or patience to thoroughly deal with any of the problems mentioned above. But there may be hope on the e-horizon. Once again, the Internet has stepped in to defy all laws of time and space and rescue our often-inefficient lives. For the most part, Web-based training sites are sponsored by individual manufacturers. The idea: create a place where sales staffs, in-store training

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