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The status of SACD and DVD-A By David Dritsas The music industry isn't on short supply of new audio formats, or at least the hardware for it. While MP3 abounds, it is seen by some as more of a curse than a blessing in the music industry. The higher quality formats of Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD-Audio (DVD-A) offer better quality digital mixes, multichannel tracks and copyright protection, but while hardware makers have plenty of SKUs for both formats, the availability of music titles in either is still low. Calling the situation a "format war" is perhaps an overstatement, but there is no

By David Dritsas While the question of DVD-Audio (DVD-A) versus Super Audio CD (SACD) lingers, the SACD format of high fidelity digital music gained strengthened its support in the market place with pledges from both the recording industry and the music retail. At a press conference at last week's 2002 International CES in Las Vegas, representatives from both Sony Music and Universal announced more titles to be released in the SACD format, including albums from artists such as Destiny's Child, Dave Brubeck and Yo Yo Ma, Diana Krall and others. According to Sony this will bring the total available titles to around 600 worldwide. The wound

"...because love of life begets a love of life." --Natalia Ginzburg, "The Little Virtues" "Business can be a fun, enormously creative experience," said Dr. Sidney Harman, HiFi pioneer, founder of Harman Kardon, chairman of Harman International. "I see it as both a creative experience and an opportunity for serious social invention. Addressing myself to it, I personally find exciting, stimulating, vitalizing--those are pretty good reasons to hang in." For this vision and for his continuing to act on this vision, Dealerscope Consumer Electronics Marketplace is honored to name Dr. Harman to its Hall of Fame. "One of the reasons that I've enjoyed this business

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