Yuichi Ishizuka

Canon this week announced the launch of five new projectors, all of which are affordable and geared towards presentation professionals.

Canon has introduced what they are calling  the next evolution in the EOS 1D series of cameras: the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV Digital SLR camera

Canon recently announced the launch of Canon Live Learning, a new on-site education program targeted towards photographers who currently use or are interested in Canon’s popular line of EOS photographic products.

The entry-level DSLR market just got a lot more interesting as both Canon and Olympus have introduced new models aimed at the beginner that pack a ton of interesting new features into their more compasct body designs.

Lots of news on the camcorder front as both Canon and Sony released a slew of new models. Canon’s announcements include the launch of a new consumer high-definition line dubbed Vixia. The models feature Canon’s Dual Flash Memory technology along with HD video lenses. The Flash memory part of the equation is important when you consider Flash Memory is a solid-state memory format and has no moving parts, thus the camcorder can be smaller, more compact and lighter, allowing it to be carried anywhere. Additionally, Flash Memory is a highly stable method of storage, and as a result, accidental jolts to the camcorder are

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