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Tough Enough for HD
February 8, 2010

Olympus introduces their first Tough series camera that can shoot HD Video, the Stylus Tough 3000.

Bell'O's Triple Play
February 3, 2010

Bell'O features their latest offerings for consumers and custom installers, including the Triple Play mounting solution.

1,000x More Color from Sharp
January 25, 2010

Sharp introduces Quad Pixel Technology, adding yellow to the red, green and blue pixels on their LCD HDTVs for a thousand-fold increase in viewable colors.  Also, connectivity deals with Netflix and Vudu, a new Blu-ray player and LED lighting for the home.

The Angle: How To Sell Netgear’s New Solutions
December 7, 2009

Welcome to The Angle, the program that helps sales people sell more new products and increase their overall tickets. In this week’s show, Jeff O’Heir visits with Netgear’s Vivek Pathela to explore the angles sales associates need to sell the company’s new line of home networking products.

Flat Panels and Projectors From Runco
November 20, 2009

Bob Hana, who was then Runco's VP of Worldwide Sales/Marketing  talks about new product offerings, including an expaned line of flat panels with OPAL technology, and projectors ranging from entry level to high end.

LG's New LED
October 26, 2009

LG's Peter Reiner talks about the SL90 LED TV and the ad campaign his company is launching to support it.

JVC's New 3D TV
October 20, 2009

JVC shows off their new 3D HDTV and Blu-ray recorders.